MetaTrader 4 for Android

FXPIG™’s MetaTrader Android application allows clients to trade seamlessly from their Smartphone or Tablet. Manage positions via market or pending orders, stops, and limits, as well as set up customized charting layouts including indicators and all MT4软件免付费下载 chart types. Never has it been so easy to trade from your mobile device.

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or higher.

Trade Forex on the MT4软件免付费下载 go with your Android !


  • Over 250+ Tradeable Products via FXPIG™
  • All Account Types and Price MT4软件免付费下载 Feeds
  • Full suite of trading orders, including stop and limit orders
  • Full charting features with 30+ technical indicators
  • Charting Types – Candlesticks, Bars, and Line
  • Multiple Time Frames
  • 100% STP Execution
  • Real-time Charting
  • Equinix LD4 Server

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FXPIG™ does not accept clients from certain countries/regions including Russia and OFAC sanctioned countries. For a full list of restricted countries, please contact Customer Support.

Risk MT4软件免付费下载 Warning: Trading in the Forex or CFD Markets MT4软件免付费下载 is speculative in nature and not appropriate for MT4软件免付费下载 all investors. Investors in the Forex or CFD Markets should only use risk capital when trading MT4软件免付费下载 futures, options, and Forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss.

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‍FXPIG™ is an official sponsor of Signature Rally - a networking supercar travel experience with like-minded people taking part in some of the world's most MT4软件免付费下载 modern and rarest Supercars and GT sports cars.


in FX & CFD Trading

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4是最受信任和最受欢迎的交易平台之一,也是外汇交易的市场标准。MetaTrader 4包含绘制资产图表、下订单和管理头寸等交易员所需的一切。拥有先进的交易基础配置、领先行业的竞争性报价和无交易员干预的卓越订单执行,Interstellar FX MT4是在线外汇交易中最强大的组合之一。

  • 可以交易上千种交易产品,包括外汇、指数和大宗商品等差价合约产品
  • 提供多种语言界面
  • 允许对冲
  • 台式、手机和平板电脑多客户端使用
  • 点差低至0
  • 完整EA功能
  • 可以交易微型手数加强风险管理
  • 多样性的分析工具,使您能够做出更明智的交易决策


Interstellar FX提供的MetaTrader 4交易平台桌面版可以实现直通式处理订单的执行方式,从而获得卓越、透明的交易体验。在您的PC上体验流畅的直接报价并且配合先进的交易图表和内置交易指标指示进行交易。

MT4 手机和平板电脑

永远不要错过任何交易机会,在苹果iOS和Android上使用Interstellar FX MetaTrader 4应用程序进行交易,可以让交易员在世界任何时间、任何地点查看市场价格并执行订单。您可以立刻注册交易账户,感受Interstellar MT4软件免付费下载 FX 独一无二的交易体验。


MT4 网络交易者

无需安装任何软件,直接从您的浏览器访问您的 MT4 账户。

  • 30个技术指标和24个分析工具
  • 3 种图表类型,9 个时间框架
  • 一键交易
  • 可定制的图表布局
  • 安全数据传输


MT4 多终端允许您同时管理多个 MT4 账户的仓位和执行订单。

  • 开仓、平仓和修改仓位
  • 同时管理多个 MT4 账户
  • 按预定义交易量、总交易量、等份、净值比率或可用保证金比率分配手数
  • 一键交易


风险警告: 交易外汇和杠杆化金融品种具有高风险,可能导致您损失本金。您所承担的亏损风险不应超过您的承受能力,请确保您完全理解其中所涉风险。交易杠杆化产品并不适合所有投资者。交易非杠杆产品(如股票)也涉及风险,因为股票的价值可升可跌,这意味着您收回的资金可能低于您最初的投入。过去的表现并不能保证未来的结果。在交易前,请考虑您的经验水平、投资目标,如有必要请寻求独立财务建议。客户有责任确保他/她所居住国法律要求允许其使用星际品牌提供的服务。

مجلدات – مؤشر MetaTrader 4

في أحجام التداول المؤشر تعرض كميات كما الرسم البياني في إطار منفصل والدهانات الرسم البياني في لونين.

مؤشرات MT4 – تحميل التعليمات

مجلدات – مؤشر MetaTrader 4 هو ميتاتريدر 4 (MT4软件免付费下载 MT4) المؤشر وجوهر هذا المؤشر الفني هو تحويل البيانات التاريخ المتراكمة.

مجلدات – مؤشر MetaTrader 4 يوفر فرصة للكشف عن مختلف الخصائص والأنماط في ديناميات الأسعار التي هي غير مرئية للعين المجردة.MT4软件免付费下载

بناء على هذه المعلومات, يمكن للتجار أن يتحملوا المزيد من حركة الأسعار ويضبطون استراتيجيتهم وفقًا لذلك. انقر هنا لإستراتيجيات MT4

MetaTrader 4 Platforms

Experience our fast MT4软件免付费下载 execution speeds and flexible trading conditions on the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform.

MT4 Desktop Platform

Used by millions of traders worldwide since 2005, MT4 is the most popular retail trading platform, chosen by MT4软件免付费下载 experienced and novice traders alike for its intuitive MT4软件免付费下载 user interface and powerful trading capabilities.

  • 50+ preinstalled technical indicators
  • 24 analytical charting tools
  • 1-click trading & trade from charts
  • Add custom EAs & indicators
  • Trailing Stop

MT4 Mobile & Tablets

With MT4 Mobile you can enjoy the most popular trading platform on your mobile phone, anywhere at any time. Available for iOS and Android.

  • 30 technical indicators and 24 analytical tools
  • 3 chart types with 9 time-frames
  • Customisable chart layout
  • Custom push notifications
  • Optimised display layout for tablets

MT4 Webtrader

Access your MT4 account directly from your browser without the need to install any software.

  • 30 technical indicators and 24 analytical tools
  • 3 chart types with 9 time-frames
  • 1 click trading
  • Customisable chart layout
  • Secure data transmission

MT4 Multiterminal

The MT4 multiterminal allows you to manage positions and execute orders MT4软件免付费下载 on more than one MT4 account at the same time.

  • Open, close & modify positions
  • Manage multiple MT4 accounts simultaneously
  • Lot size allocation MT4软件免付费下载 by predefined volume, total volume, equal parts, equity ratio or free margin ratio
  • 1 click trading


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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high level of risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74% of retail MT4软件免付费下载 investor accounts lose money with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the MT4软件免付费下载 MT4软件免付费下载 high risk of losing your money.

InterstellarFX does not offer CFDs to residents of certain jurisdictions - amongst which USA, Iran, Canada, Belgium and France.